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PBP Advocacy Declaration

“Quality education by helping provide qualified teachers to Filipinos.”

This advocacy is premised on the prevailing facts and scenarios of the availability of qualified and licensed teachers in the Philippines. The need for qualified and licensed teachers is mandated by the Philippine Constitution and the Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994.

Despite the efforts and investments to elevate teacher education programs through institutional initiatives and government regulatory interventions, results revealed the dwindling quality of education in terms of board exam passing among graduates and retakers.

Low national passing rate

As posted on the annual PRC LET Results, average passing rates for the six scheduled examinations for the last three years (2012-2014) are only 35.91% and 35.09% for elementary and secondary respectively.

Exam Date   Elementary Secondary
Sep-14 35.74% 34.40%
Jan-14 28.98% 28.41%
Sep-13 31.18% 39.75%
Mar-13 27.78% 39.61%
Sep-12 49.29% 43.50%
Mar-12 42.46% 24.85%
Average 35.91% 35.09%

Table 1: Passing rate for the last three years.
- Source: PRC

Some causes of low passing rate

One of the obvious reasons of low passing rate is the poor quality education provided by many higher education institutions. This is based on the report of the Philippine Business for Education entitled “Licensure Examination Performance of Teacher Education Institutions in the Philippines” for the period 2009 to 2013. Key findings revealed that 601 Teacher Education Institutions for elementary exam and 796 Teacher Education Institutions for secondary exam performed below their respective passing rates.

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Informal interviews provide other perceived reasons that contribute to the low results among new takers and re-takers:

- A sector of LET takers took the examination without taking review classes due to financial incapability.
- Finishers of Teacher Certificate Program had missed many foundation and professional education subjects which limit their learning coverage and preparation in terms of content for the LET.
- Many education graduates took jobs immediately even they are under-employed which slowly demotivate them to take the exam.
- Even with the availability of free review classes provided by few universities and colleges, some repeaters/re-takers cannot afford to be absent from their jobs thus, limiting their opportunity to prepare for the exam.