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“You have nothing to review if you have not learnt something before, otherwise you will have to commence learning just now.”

How to optimize your review activity with our site.

Prioritize the subjects according to strength. Meaning, the strongest is the subject you like most and you have enough stocked knowledge, and the weakest is the one you're not confident to have learned much. Select the subject which you feel it to be your weakness, and mark it to be your priority. So that your review strategy is to engage each subject in the order from the weakest to the strongest.

Applying the "drill and practice" method, you can repeatedly take the tests until you can acquire the perfect score for each specific subject you are reviewing. By this time, you will be confident that if the same test items will come out in the LET, you will probably have sure answers.

You are advised to visit the practice quiz every time you have the opportunity as we will be gradually uploading more items to our site until it will become a huge repository of probable test items across all LET subjects. In learning, the "law of exercise" means that the more you will be exposed to the same materials, the more you will absorb and recall this repeated experience as it will be continuously practiced.

After taking a rest from your rigorous review activities prior to your scheduled LET, take a chance to revisit the practice quiz and the mock LET provided in this site in order to have a final review of the covered items. This will enhance your recall capability applying the learning "law of recency".

With this practical suggestions on how you will utilize your precious time with our site applying Thorndike's laws on learning, we are one with you in your hopes and aspirations to pass the LET and succeed in your calling to be one of us in the "noblest profession"; TEACHING.

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